Report for Cybergogo on how to collaborate effectively


As a relatively new start-up tech company, the vital task for Cybergogo is probably how to coordinate members in the most efficient way. The company is now bidding for a big deal and is busy preparing their proposal. They have to get their team most productive for the next six weeks. In this report, there will be some practical approaches to improve the team’s productivity. It seems that a fundamental while favorable reform is necessary.


Working method

The comprehensive performance seems restricted due to most employees working at home, i.e., telecommute. In this way, they may not exchange information as quickly as possible, which means the team has become separated. To win the bid, it is recommended to alter the working mode to face-to-face instead of telecommuting during this period. Therefore, team members may come up with many exhilarating ideas by discussing together or brainstorming in the office, instead of on the telephone, or even worse, by E-mail, and thus their proposal will get more chance to be accepted.

How to communicate

It is widely believed that a team at approximately the same age would work best. However, there are also some problems in Cybergogo, where team members are mainly under 35. Training on how to communicate needs to be conducted in order to maximize productivity, in which the key is to create a comfortable working environment with moderate competing but sufficient admitting. According to the research carried out by both Google and MIT found that in effective groups, members usually speak for a roughly equal amount of time. And the reason for that is Psychological Safety, which means people feel comfortable voicing their opinions and making suggestions for the project. If all the members can raise their notions without fearing others’ opinions, the team could be an ATeam.

Using Gestures

Another possible improvement may underlie gestures. The result also comes from the report conducted by MIT. When people talked with enthusiastic and energetic gestures, the conversation would possibly become more fluent and easier to understand. Thus, gestures may be an advantage for the overall efficiency.


The three possible improvements that can be made to Cybergogo are facetofaceworking, communicatingtactics and usinggestures. These suggestions may be apparent and most people have already known, while to enforce these rules in real life seems difficult. So let’s see how Cybergogo will perform in the next six months.

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